Frequently Asked Questions

WHEN IS VRIEND GOING TO BE AVAILABLE?2018-08-03T16:00:37+00:00

RIGHT NOW! Head to the Apple App Store to download it.
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Will vriend be available on android?2018-08-03T13:05:32+00:00

As soon as you let us know that you want an Android version! Send us an EMAIL to let us know

When I try to import routes from strava, I don’t see all of the routes that should be there2018-08-03T13:06:59+00:00

Make sure those routes aren’t marked as “Private” in STRAVA. Vriend will not import any rides marked as “Private”.

I want to change my distance units to Km/Miles/Meters/Feet2018-08-03T13:08:52+00:00

Go to the sidebar>Account Settings. You’ll find it in there.

How do I create rides to share?2018-08-03T16:11:14+00:00

Go ride! Simply upload your completed ride to Strava like you normally do, and it will become available for import in Vriend

How do I import rides to share?2018-08-03T16:14:16+00:00

You’ll have the option to import rides upon signing up for an account and linking your Strava account. After that, you can always import more by tapping the side menu and selecting Sync Strava Account.

I want to share a route, but it starts out front of my house and I don’t want strangers in my driveway2018-08-03T16:09:33+00:00

Well, that’s not really a question, but we get it!
Vriend usually respects any privacy zone settings that you have in your Strava account, though we encourage you to review your imported rides in the map view to ensure you’re comfortable with what gets shown. If you import a route accidentally, ¬†you can always delete it.

I don’t see any routes near my location – where are they?2018-08-03T16:13:02+00:00

It looks like you might just a Vriend pioneer! If you don’t find rides in your area, be sure to import some that you’ve already completed. Getting one or two rides available in your area will encourage others to join in – if you build it, they will come ride!

Is there a full users guide available?2018-08-05T12:32:49+00:00

Absolutely! You can view & download it HERE