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We believe cycling is an
activity to be shared,
even if you ride alone.

About Us

Born from a tedious planning session for an upcoming cycling trip, Vriend aims to make it as easy as possible to find the right cycling route, wherever you are. It provides real-world feedback from riders just like you to help you make the right decision before you head out. We want cyclists to know what they’re getting into, whether it’s an all-day sufferfest through the mountains, or a relaxing (and safe) rails-to-trails ride with your kids. We want you to know where there’s a local coffee shop for a mid-ride refuel, and most of all, we want you to be able to head out and have fun, even if you don’t know the area in which you find yourself.

Who are we?

Ted King

Name a professional bike race, and Ted’s probably done it. After ten years of road racing at the sport’s highest level, as well as co-founding sports nutrition company, UnTapped, cycling good guy Ted King brings an inside perspective to the otherwise technical world of app development. Despite retiring from the pro ranks, he’s still generally found on two wheels, quite literally anywhere in the world, now calling San Francisco home.

Gardner Raymond

Co-Founder Gardner Raymond is a regular cyclist, video producer, and Strava user. He was inspired to create Vriend while planning a “once-in-a-lifetime” cycling trip to France, but had trouble finding any specifics about the routes he wanted to ride. He’s passionate about bikes, cycling infrastructure, and rider safety. Also beer. And gravel farm roads.